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Overflow vs. skimmer pool or which one to choose for your water fun

Klára Kecskesová

Summer has begun and with it comes all the joys of summer. Are you thinking of building a swimming pool? You may have already come across the terms overflow pool and skimmer pool. In this article, we will give you a detailed overview of these two types of pools. We will go through their differences and compare the advantages and disadvantages of both options. We'll help you decide which one is best for you. We'll also present a list of basic pool equipment that you may find useful.

A luxurious and elegant overflow pool

Overflow pools are known for their designer and modern look. The water in these pools flows over the edge of the pool into the overflow trough, where it is drained into a filtration system and propelled back into the pool by jets. The water level is always at the same level as the pool edge, creating an aesthetically pleasing infinity effect. Whether you are looking for a pool for relaxation or water sports, a pool with an overflow will be the perfect choice.

Benefits of overflow pools

  • Drains debris around the entire perimeter of the pool
  • clean edges without the dirty and greasy streaks caused by the water level in skimmer pools
  • no waves that can endanger small children or make swimming difficult
    water saving
  • better water circulation
  • luxurious and aesthetic appearance

Disadvantages of pools with an overflow trough

  • more complex maintenance
  • higher acquisition costs
  • Uncomfortable seating at the edge of the pool compared to a skimmer pool
Elegant overflow pool offers the ultimate relaxation and a great experience

Skimmer pool with easy maintenance

Skimmer pools are a typical and proven type of pool. The water is circulated and filtered by means of skimmers, in other words water intakes and debris collectors, which are installed on the pool walls. After the skimmer has sucked up the pool water and the filtering device has removed the coarse dirt, the water is discharged back into the pool through the jets. The water level extends 5 to 10 centimetres below the edge of the pool. This type of pool is suitable for family fun in the garden, but also for sports activities.

Advantages of skimmer pools

  • lower purchase costs
  • easy maintenance
  • water saving
  • possibility to connect a pool vacuum cleaner to the skimmer
  • comfortable dry seating at the edge of the pool

Disadvantages of skimmer pools

  • less efficient water circulation
  • can form a dirty and greasy line where the water level extends
  • waves can form during pool activities, which make swimming uncomfortable and can be dangerous for smaller children
Stylish skimmer pool ideal for refreshment and relaxation

Indoor or outdoor swimming pool or suitable location of skimmer and overflow pool

Whether you are planning an outdoor pool in the garden or an indoor pool, both skimmer and overflow pools are suitable for both environments. You can therefore choose purely according to your preferences and financial possibilities. If you opt for an indoor pool, whether skimmer or overflow, don't forget a dehumidifier to prevent mould and help you reduce heating costs.

Overflow pools are often placed outdoors and inside luxury residences, spas or hotels. They are especially popular because of their aesthetics. However, there is nothing stopping you from incorporating one into your stylish garden or indoor space. Skimmer pools, on the other hand, are a common addition to family home gardens, cost less and are easier to maintain.

Bespoke overflow and skimmer pools - choose the shape and depth of the pool to suit your needs

We offer skimmer and overflow pools in a variety of sizes and shapes. You can choose a classic rectangular pool, a round pool, an oval pool or a unique kidney-shaped pool. You can also choose the pool steps for each pool according to your preference. Whether you want a smaller corner pool stair or a larger pool stair with a relaxation bench, we have the right choice for you.

Do you dream of your own atypical pool shape for your garden? Let us know your requirements for any shape, length, width or depth and we will design a specific skimmer and overflow pool look to your liking. We will take care of the professional production of the pool from high quality polypropylene that can withstand frost and sunlight. The main advantages are durability, strength and resistance. We will deliver and install the pool together with your chosen pool accessories and pool technology.

Swimming pool technology - reliable helpers for pool maintenance and daily operation

If you want to get an outdoor pool or an indoor pool, you can't do without pool technology. Here you will find all the necessary equipment. With its help, you will be able to control the cleanliness of the pool water and its heating. In the following lines we will introduce you to all the important technology.

Disinfecting pool water

Disinfecting your pool water is key to keeping the water clean and safe so that you can enjoy swimming in your pool. You can choose from chlorine disinfection - delivering chlorine through an automatic chlorine dispensing station, or salt pool technology that is gentle on nature and your skin. If you want to take an even more environmentally friendly approach, try chlorine-free pool water treatment. We offer chlorine-free water disinfection using a UV lamp and ozone.

Pool water heating

If you like to swim in the off-season, take advantage of pool heating. A pool heat pump, pool heat exchanger or electric pool heater? Choose a pool heating method to suit your preferences and needs. We will be happy to advise you individually on your choice.

Sand filtration

Sand filtration is one of the ways to purify the water in a swimming pool. As the name suggests, it is a fine sand filter that captures large and small water impurities such as leaves, grass, pollen, dust and other micro-particles.

Sand filtration for perfectly clean pool water

Swimming pool pump

The pool pump is an essential part of the pool system, providing water circulation and filtration. It works by drawing water from the pool into the filtration system, which removes any impurities. The water is then returned to the pool using the pool pump.

Swimming pool distributor

The pool switchboard, or central control panel, ensures the correct functioning of the entire pool system. With the switchboard you can control all pool technology such as the aforementioned pool pumps, sand filtration, pool lighting and more.

Intelligent pool control

The last technology offered is intelligent pool control. This advanced control system automatically manages all pool functions, easily replacing conventional pool control cabinets. Its great advantage is the possibility of remote control via a mobile app, thanks to which you can plan all tasks in advance.

Practical pool accessories

In addition to pool technology, we offer a variety of pool accessories that are not only practical, but also ensure a pleasant atmosphere during your relaxation in the pool.

Pool roofing

Pool roofing offers a number of benefits to make the most of your pool. It prevents the ingress of dirt, heats the water and keeps it warm even in colder weather. Plus, it increases safety by preventing children and animals from falling into the pool or entering without your supervision. You can choose from two pool roofing options. Or you can choose a customised pool roof, which we will be happy to design for you in cooperation with our partner according to your exact needs and requirements.

Modern pool roofing that ensures comfortable swimming in all weathers

Pool tarps

If a pool cover doesn't suit you, you may be pleased with the simpler and more affordable alternative of a pool tarp. During the summer season, the tarpaulin protects the pool from dirt and the winter variant of the tarpaulin, made of a very durable material, will provide protection from inclement weather during the off-season months.

Pool vacuum cleaners

Clean and clear water is ensured by pool vacuums. The automatic pool vacuum cleaner cleans the entire pool floor and walls independently. A manual pool vacuum cleaner is better used when maintaining smaller pools or if you want to save on purchase costs.

Automatic pool vacuum cleaner for a perfectly clean pool

Pool lights

Treat yourself to a luxurious and magical experience with a diverse selection of pool lights that not only serve a safety function, but also make your evening refreshment more enjoyable.

Aerator for the relaxation bench

The air blower for the relaxation bench or whirlpool creates pleasant bubbles that massage the body, help regenerate muscles and ensure maximum relaxation. With an air blower in your pool, you will enjoy a higher level of comfort and wellness experience. Do you want to create a home spa and keep your pool as a swimming and water sports area only? With us it is possible. We are happy to manufacture and install a hot tub and cooling pool for you as well.


If you own or plan to get an indoor pool, dehumidifiers will be an important accessory for you. These devices remove excess moisture from the room, prevent mold and bacteria, and improve overall air quality.

We hope you are clear on your choice of pool

We hope this article has helped you choose the right pool and accessories to bring you joy and relaxation by the water. However, if you still have questions or are unsure about which pool or pool technology to choose, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We have 30 years of experience in manufacturing pools and swimming pools not only in the country but also abroad. Our expertise also includes the manufacture and installation of sewage treatment plants and plastic tanks and manholes. In addition, we offer other turnkey services such as the manufacture of swimming pools for public facilities, servicing and refurbishment of swimming pool technology, servicing of our own wastewater treatment plants, atypical custom plastic fabrication and separators.

We are here to help you with any questions and find the best solution for your pool oasis.


I come from the picturesque Bohemian Paradise, but the last few years have taken me to different parts of the world. After studying business academy and special education, I enjoyed spending time with children in a kindergarten for the hearing impaired. Diversity has always aroused my curiosity. Therefore, my joys include growing houseplants, organizing Christian events for young people, as well as writing, traveling and reading books.

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