Swimming pools for public facilities

Are you looking for a swimming pool for your hotel, swimming pool or other establishment? We can design an exceptional indoor and outdoor pool that appeals to recreational swimmers, athletes and families.

Individually designed indoor and outdoor swimming pools for the public. The design and functional technology give the pool a unique look without losing its practicality. We produce both sports pools and pools for relaxation and entertainment. The pools are usable all year round, they are designed for swimming pools, swimming pools, recreation centres, spas, wellness centres, hotels, guest houses, fitness centres and any other interior or exterior.

Advantages of a customized swimming pool from us

  • We can produce any shape
  • state-of-the-art technology for economical and intelligent pool operation
  • turnkey pool production and implementation
  • extensive experience and precise production
  • quality guarantee
  • professional approach
  • regular servicing of our products is a matter of course

Swimming pool production and installation

We manufacture swimming pools from polypropylene. This material has a long life, strength and durability. It is hardy, colourfast and resistant to sunlight. The pools are welded as compact all-plastic tanks using the hot-air welding method with a special technology that ensures zero water permeability. We produce both skimmer and overflow pools. For large public pool sizes, we recommend an overflow pool.

The pools are supplied with various features and equipment to suit your requirements. This equipment includes plastic stairs, atypical plastic elements, stainless steel ladders, as well as sand filtration. In addition, the pools can be equipped with underdeck lights, electric heating or heat exchanger, counter-current for wave formation, swimming in place and massage, chemical dispenser and other equipment.

The dimensions of the pools are entirely up to you. We can make any shape, length, width and also depth to suit your interior or exterior. We install smaller sized pools already made from the factory, larger sized pools are made on site. Our products are delivered domestically by written order.

Things to remember when selecting and manufacturing a swimming pool for the public

  • capacity and purpose: consider how many people the pool should accommodate at the same time and what activities will be carried out in the pool (swimming, relaxation, water sports, etc.)
  • design: tell us your preferences for the design of the pool so that we can tailor the look of the pool to your ideas
  • functional features: think about what specific functional features you would like to have in a public pool (e.g. slides, swimming lanes, massage jets, waves, etc.)
  • location: be sure to tell us whether you are interested in an indoor or outdoor pool