Rectangular swimming pool

Quality manufacturing and installation of plastic pools including top quality pool accessories. Browse our wide range of pools at very affordable prices. We are happy to meet your requirements and create a luxurious place for you to relax.

Rectangular pools are one of the most commonly used pool shapes today. They are very popular due to their simple design, practicality and space efficiency. They are well suited to most exteriors, both for private homes and public spaces.

Advantages of a rectangular pool

  • large space
  • ideal for sportsmen
  • best suited for swimming
  • easy to acquire accessories
  • Suitable for any outdoor or indoor environment

What and how the pool is made

All our pools are manufactured as a compact all-plastic tank made of high quality and colourfast polypropylene, resistant to frost and UV rays, whose main advantage is durability, resistance and strength. The pools are manufactured using the extrusion and hot air welding method with the use of a welding machine, which ensures tightness and thus guarantees zero water permeability.

How to install a plastic pool

The most suitable way of installing the pool is by embedding it in a pre-formed excavation in the ground with a concrete reinforcement slab. The weight of the pool is around 200-900 kg, so the use of machinery is advisable, especially in less accessible locations or in difficult terrain.

Most pools are transported in a prefabricated state to the location you specify. You can organise the transport yourself or leave it to us. We then assemble pools of larger sizes and weights on site.

What to think about when choosing a plastic pool

There are many factors that influence your choice of pool, which will affect your overall experience and comfort when using the pool. In addition to choosing the shape of the pool, you need to make decisions over other aspects:

  • The type of pool - your choices are a skimmer pool or an overflow pool.
  • access to the pool - pools come with a staircase from our wide range of pool steps and relaxation benches
  • pool location - the decision whether you want a sunken pool or an above ground pool has a major impact on the look and installation of your pool
  • pool size - plastic pools are available in sizes from 2 to 15 m long and from 2 to 4 m wide, with depths available from 1.2 to 1.5 m
  • pool edging - pools can be supplied without edging with a so-called edge under the tiles or edged with a flat edge that serves for sitting, or reinforced with a collar that can be lined with tiles

All pools can be upgraded with, for example, under-counter lighting, water heating, an air blower for the relaxation bench and a counter-current for swimming in place, but also as a massage jet. Browse our full range of accessories and pool technologies to turn your ordinary pool into a luxurious oasis of relaxation.

Rectangular pool roof

Don't want to swim in your pool only during the summer? With a quality rectangular pool roof, you can extend your swimming season by up to several months! The roof protects the pool from the weather and helps keep it clean. In addition, covering the pool prevents unauthorized access to the pool by children or animals, thus increasing safety around the water.

We offer rectangular pool covers that are designed with aesthetics and functionality in mind. This way, your pool will be perfectly protected and look fabulous too. Enjoy swimming in the garden all year round - with maximum comfort and minimum maintenance worries.

For those of you who don't want to invest in a roof, we offer slatted covers or even cover, winter and safety tarpaulins.

Pool care and chemicals

To ensure the best possible water quality, we supply water testers and chemicals for seasonal treatment and winterization. Filtration is essential to maintain the quality and it is important to do this as often as possible to prevent contamination of the pool water. If you want to save time and money on pool care, we offer smart pool control, with which you can control your pool equipment remotely via a mobile app.

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