Skimmer pool

We offer sales and installation of swimming pools with skimmer. A great working skimmer system removes all surface debris, keeps the water clear and minimizes the need for frequent maintenance. Skimmer pools are also flexible and adapt to your individual needs and space.

Skimmer pools are considered a proven classic that has been on the market for many years and are the basic solution for pool water purification.

Skimmer pools are manufactured from high quality polypropylene, which ensures the colour fastness of the pool. It has the advantage of a long service life and is also very strong and UV resistant. For the bottom and walls, boards with a thickness of 8 mm or more are used. The pools are manufactured as a compact all-plastic tank that is welded to ensure zero water permeability. We deliver the pools in whole directly to the customer, larger pools are made on site.

How it works or what is a pool skimmer

Water in skimmer pools extends five to ten centimetres below the top of the pool, depending on the type of skimmer used, which is primarily used to draw water from the pool. The water is sucked by a filter pump into the filtration device where the impurities are removed. The purified water is then returned to the pool via nozzles. In the skimmer there is a basket that provides basic cleaning of coarse dirt and hair.

Another practical function of the skimmer is the possibility of connecting a hand-held pool vacuum cleaner. The skimmer is fitted with a special attachment on which the hose of the pool vacuum cleaner with brush can be attached.

Advantages of skimmer pools

By filtering the water through the skimmer to collect debris on the surface, you prevent it from remaining in the water and by returning the water back to the pool, the skimmer pool helps you save water. Compared to overflow pools, a skimmer pool has the advantage of being more affordable, mainly due to the smaller pool elements that an overflow pool requires. Another advantage is the absence of an overflow trough. If you like to sit on the edge of the pool, you won't go wrong with a skimmer type pool. Not only will the seating be more comfortable, but you'll be sitting in a dry area.

Using a skimmer pool

Skimmer pools are suitable for relaxation as well as for fun and sporting activities. They can be placed both outdoors and indoors. The most suitable form of installation for our pools is to be sunk into the ground so that the edges of the pools are completely adjacent to the surrounding paving or partially protrude above it.

Sizes of skimmer pools offered

  • Length: 2 to 15 metres
  • Width: 2 to 4 metres
  • Depth: 1.2 to 1.5 metres

Skimmer pool accessories and pool technology

Skimmer pools can be supplemented with internal plastic stairs and resting benches. We also offer pool roofs or different types of pool sails. You can get various pool accessories for your skimmer pool, such as underfloor lighting and a robotic vacuum cleaner for the bottom and walls.

It is also possible to complete the pool with a water heater and counter-current, which allows you to swim in place, serves as a massage jet or can imitate a wave. Of course, there are not only sand filtration systems, but also automatic chlorine dosing stations with internet connection and monitoring via mobile app.