Winter sail for swimming pool

Winter pool tarp for effective protection and insulation of the pool during the winter months. It brings with it a number of benefits such as saving time and effort when cleaning the pool. With a winter tarp, your pool will always be in perfect condition for the upcoming season.

A winter sheet is an indispensable element in pool care during the cold months, providing a significant simplification of this difficult process. It is made of durable material that reliably protects the pool from adverse weather conditions such as snow, rain and dirt. This keeps the water clean and safe for the next season and extends the life of the pool equipment.

The winter cover also serves to prevent damage to the pool surface. It contributes to the beautiful appearance of your pool and surroundings, making the environment look tasteful and tidy even during the winter months.

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Benefits of a winter pool cover

  • keeping pool water clean
  • Saves time and effort when cleaning the pool
  • protection from inclement weather
  • protection against dirt
  • easier preparation at the beginning of the season
  • can be used for above-ground and inground pools

How to install a winter pool cover

It is important to measure the pool before installing the winter cover. The tarp must be large enough to cover the entire surface of the pool and overlap the edges. Remember to also remove debris and leaves from the pool to keep it clean. Fasten the safety tarp to the surrounding pool area with tie-downs.

How to properly maintain the pool tarpaulin

Proper maintenance of the winter tarp is key to ensuring its longevity and effective protection of the pool. The following tips will help you keep your winter cover in good condition:

  • Regular cleaning - remove dirt, leaves that accumulate on the tarp using mild detergents or water.
  • immediate repair when a tear or other damage occurs
  • storage - storing in a dry and clean place to prevent mould
  • regular snow removal - too heavy a layer of snow can damage the tarp or cause it to sink into the pool
  • Careful handling - avoid sharp objects and rough handling