Plastic tanks, sumps and manholes

If you are looking for a plastic rainwater tank, a sewage sump or a sewer manhole, you can find it all here.

Do you need a rainwater tank or a tank for silage and slurry water? Choose from our wide range of water tanks and sumps. We also offer wastewater sumps and tanks in a variety of shapes.

All sumps and tanks are manufactured to your individual requirements. Consultations and the actual manufacture of the tanks can be carried out on site. We will adapt the shape and size of the tank and adjust it to the exact purpose it will serve. All tanks and sumps manufactured by us can serve as underground or above-ground tanks.

The material used and the welding technology ensure that the tanks are versatile. At the same time, it is possible to manufacture the tank to comply with hygienic regulations for contact with foodstuffs.

We also offer plastic manholes, so whether you're looking for a sewer manhole, inspection manhole or water meter manhole, you're sure to find a choice.