Plastic swimming pools and accessories

We offer installation of quality plastic pools and sale of pool accessories. You can find skimmer pools and pools with overflow in various shapes. We stock pool technology for water heating, sand filtration, pool steps and other equipment.

Are you looking for a quality plastic swimming pool? Here you can choose from many types and shapes. We offer production and installation of kidney-shaped pools, as well as more classic circular, oval and rectangular pools. All pools can be made in one of two types. The first type is recessed pools with a skimmer, in which the water extends no more than 5-10 centimetres below the top edge of the pool. The pool skimmer removes debris from the pool and returns the filtered water back into the pool.

The second type is overflow pools. These are filled to the brim with water that continuously overflows into the overflow trough and accumulates in the storage tank, where it is pumped back into the pool after filtration.

We also offer pool accessories such as pool steps, pool technology for heating pool water, pool water disinfection, sand filtration and pool pumps. We also carry pool vacuums, dehumidifiers, pool lights, pool tarps and other pool accessories.