Swimming pool accessories

Enjoy the pool season to the fullest with our wide range of premium pool accessories. Get all the equipment you need. From canopies to lights and air movers, we have everything you need.

To make sure your pool serves you best, it needs to be properly equipped and cared for. We supply a wide selection of quality and modern accessories for our pools, which are essential for proper maintenance and safety. It also facilitates pool care, increases comfort during use and adds style and elegance to your pool.

Our range of pool accessories includes everything you need to enhance your pool, from practical cleaning equipment to the addition of under-counter lighting. There are also canopies, different types of sails or an airer for the relaxation bench. Explore our wide range and choose the accessories that will help make your pool a great place to relax and enjoy memorable moments with family and friends.

If you're looking for information on devices such as pool pumps, sand filtration, pool controllers or smart controls, you'll find it on our Pool Technology page.