Whirlpool pool

Take advantage of whirlpools for peaceful relaxation at home. You will relax and your body will thank you. Find out more about our whirlpool production and its beneficial effects.

Treat yourself to a private spa at home with hot tubs. Whirlpools, also called whirlpools, have beneficial effects on our body and mind. Treat yourself to moments of peace and relaxation with Morava Ekol whirlpools. You can choose both round and square whirlpool designs, the dimensions of which we can adjust to your wishes.

Do you have a pool with a relaxation bench, but would you like to have a whirlpool as well? If so, we have great news for you! We offer an aerator for the relaxation bench. So you can swim but also relax in the hot tub with your friends.

The design of whirlpools and where to place them

Whirlpool pools are made of polypropylene sheets in two designs, namely round and square. The circular whirlpool features a self-supporting construction that allows it to be placed and operated safely below and above ground level. On the other hand, the square whirlpool is designed to be concreted and is intended to be embedded in the ground only.

The whirlpool is installed on extruded polystyrene on a solid base (ideally a reinforced concrete slab). We can tailor the overall size and dimensions to your requirements, as well as the number of seats with air holes for the whirlpool effect. Each such seat has more than 1,000 airflow holes, ensuring a very pleasant massage.

Water exchange, insulation and water heating of the whirlpool

Thewater exchange in a whirlpool pool is done by means of an overflow trough, which can be around the entire perimeter of the pool or just part of it. Pool insulation is also an integral and very important part of the pool. With inadequate insulation, up to 4 times more electricity can be consumed. Our whirlpools are insulated with 3-5 cm of polystyrene on the side walls and 2 cm of mirelon on the body of the whirlpool.

The pool water itself can be heated by an electric heater, heat exchanger or heat pump. When using a heat pump, ensure that it is located in an open area for proper operation.

Disinfection of whirlpools

Just like swimming pools, hot tubs need to be cared for and the water disinfected. One option for filtration is salt technology, which works by electrolyzing slightly salty water. In addition, it is also more environmentally friendly than other chlorine disinfectants.

Beneficial effects of whirlpools on the human body

It goes without saying that a stay in a whirlpool will relieve stress and relax you. But in addition, you get a number of beneficial effects for your body, as:

  • relax your muscles,
  • relieve your pain,
  • improve joint mobility,
  • firming your skin,
  • get better blood circulation,
  • boost your immune system,
  • forget about insomnia,
  • cleanse your body,
  • you won't compromise your cardiovascular system.