Handheld pool vacuum cleaner

Remove dirt and unwanted substances from the bottom and walls of your pool simply and efficiently. With our reliable handheld vacuum cleaner, you can achieve beautifully clean water with minimal effort and enjoy swimming every day.

The handheld pool vacuum cleaner is a practical and reliable helper for those who prefer personal control over the cleaning process. Its simple design makes it easy to operate underwater, making it easy to clean specific areas or remove larger debris.

The vacuum helps to quickly and easily remove small particles, leaves and debris that settle on the bottom and walls of the pool, helping to keep the pool water clean all season long. Other advantages are low maintenance and easy cleaning. Unlike an automatic vacuum cleaner, it does not require additional electricity, reducing the overall cost of operation.

The manual pool vacuum cleaner is particularly suitable for smaller pools or as a temporary solution for quick dirt removal. It is also ideal for those who do not want to invest in more expensive automatic vacuum cleaners.

Advantages of a handheld vacuum cleaner

  • more affordable
  • easy to use
  • more control over cleaning
  • low maintenance
  • quiet operation
  • optimum suction power
  • for pools of all shapes and types

How the handheld vacuum cleaner works

The pool vacuum cleaner works on the principle of manual movement. It is a brush mounted on a pole, which is connected by a hose to the filter pump and effectively picks up dirt from the bottom and walls of the pool.

In the case of a skimmer pool, the hose is connected via a reduction plate in the skimmer, while in the case of an overflow pool, a vacuum nozzle located in the pool wall is used to connect the hose. As the suction by this method does not pass through a sand filter but directly into the channel, it is necessary to monitor the water level in the absence of automatic draining and to allow the water to reach the desired level after draining.

If you have an overflow pool and want to save water, we recommend an AKU underwater vacuum cleaner that can be attached to the same pole for manual vacuuming and can replace the above method of vacuuming the pool.

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