Disinfection of pool water

Pool water needs regular disinfection to stay clean and healthy. You can choose between chlorine water disinfection and chlorine-free water treatment, which is also suitable for people with allergies.

The water in swimming pools requires care to keep it clear at all times and at the same time safe for your health. We offer two types of pool water disinfection.

For chlorine pool water disinfection, we offer a variant with chlorate dosing in solid or liquid form or salt pool technology, a device that treats the water by electrolysis of slightly salty water. This option is more environmentally friendly compared to other chlorine disinfection systems, but is more costly to operate.

For chlorine-free pool water treatment, we offer equipment that treats the water with UV light or ozone. This water disinfection is suitable for allergy sufferers and is very gentle on the skin and the environment.