Chlorine-free pool water treatment

Chlorine-free pool water treatment - the innovative choice for healthy and ecological disinfection. Effectively eliminates algae, bacteria and viruses without the use of chlorine chemistry. Water treatment suitable for allergy sufferers and people with sensitive skin.

In order to ensure that the water in your pool is always clean, clear and healthy, you need to disinfect the pool water. You can use one of the more common options, which is chlorine disinfection, or you can opt for chlorine-free water treatment, which is better for you and the environment.

UV lamp for chlorine-free pool water treatment

In our offer you can find different types of UV lamps for chlorine-free pool water treatment. Using ultraviolet light, UV lamps are able to keep the pool water clean and kill harmful microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and algae.

How a swimming pool with a UV lamp works

The principle of how UV disinfection works is that the water is passed around a UV lamp, which emits ultraviolet radiation of a certain wavelength. This radiation destroys the DNA of micro-organisms, preventing them from multiplying and spreading. UV disinfection is effective against a wide range of micro-organisms and does not produce any by-products, as is the case with water chlorination, for example.

When using UV disinfection, it is important to ensure that the water is sufficiently clear and transparent to allow the UV light to penetrate the entire volume of water. It is therefore necessary to clean the filter regularly and remove debris from the pool.

UV disinfection of pool water is environmentally friendly and friendly to human health as it does not use any chemicals.At the same time, this chlorine-free method of pool water treatment is effective in maintaining clean and safe water for swimming and water fun. However, it is important to note that UV disinfection is not able to remove other contaminants such as organic matter that can cause turbidity in the water. It is therefore advisable to combine UV disinfection with other water treatment methods such as the use of a filter or chlorination.

Ozone as another option for chlorine-free pool water treatment

Another option for chlorine-free pool water treatment is ozone treatment. Ozone (O3) is a powerful oxidant that can kill bacteria, viruses, algae and other microorganisms in the water.

How a pool with ozone disinfection works

When pool water is treated with ozone, the water is run through a generator that produces ozone. This ozone is then dispersed into the water where it acts as a disinfectant. Ozone is very effective in killing microorganisms and leaves no by-products, as is the case with water chlorination.

Ozone also has other benefits. It is able to remove organic substances that cause water turbidity and neutralise odours. Ozone also helps in oxidation and removal of impurities such as oils, fats and chemicals in the water.

The use of ozone is not only an environmentally friendly way of treating water, but it is also a health-friendly method as it does not use any chemicals. Ozone also breaks down quickly into oxygen, which means it leaves no residue in the water. Therefore, ozone is a very effective chlorine-free pool water treatment option that maintains both cleanliness and safety for swimming and water fun for children and adults.

However, it must be kept in mind that ozone pool water treatment is not capable of removing contaminants that are larger than microorganisms, i.e. it will not remove leaves, grass or sand. Therefore, it is advisable to combine ozone treatment with other methods of water purification, such as the use of a filter.

When to start disinfecting pool water?

For the disinfection to work properly, it is essential that you keep the pH of the water between 6.8 and 7.4. If the water shows higher or lower values, you need to adjust the pH of the water first and then start disinfecting.

Benefits of chlorine-free pool water treatment

  • very simple maintenance
  • very high efficiency
  • creates a healthier pool environment
  • does not irritate eyes and skin
  • suitable for allergy sufferers
  • kills brown and green algae and bacteria
  • works automatically even when you are away (e.g. on holiday)
  • softens the water

To achieve a perfectly clean pool and complete disinfection of the pool water, we also offer sand filtration or various types of pool vacuum cleaners. At the same time, you will find pool covers in our offer, as well as pool roofing. With their help, you can prevent dirt from falling into your pool.

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