Ventilator for resting bench (whirlpool)

Enhance your poolside experience and treat yourself to the ultimate in relaxation and regeneration with our pool bench airer. Create your own oasis of calm where air bubbles gently massage your feet and relieve everyday stress.

The bench aerator for the relaxation bench not only for the whirlpool pool is an innovative device that brings an additional level of comfort to the pool environment. This specially designed air system is designed to be placed underneath the resting bench, creating pleasant air bubbles in the surrounding area. Each seat (lounger) contains over 1000 airflow holes, providing a massage effect and relieving tension in the lower body.

Thanks to the airbed, you can enjoy your relaxation even more and immerse yourself in a refreshing and harmonious environment that promotes regeneration, well-being and enhances the attractiveness of the pool. Enhance your poolside experience and treat yourself to perfect relaxation.

What are the benefits of the airer for the relaxation bench

  • improves circulation in the legs and lower legs
  • Relieves leg fatigue
  • increases the attractiveness of the pool
  • massage effect
  • easy installation and operation
  • Promotes regeneration

How the pool air blower works

The principle of operation of the air blower for the relaxation bench is based on suction of air from around the bench, which is then discharged into the water by special nozzles located under the bench. This process produces tiny air bubbles that rise upwards and create a pleasant massage effect.

The air blower is usually installed together with the pool technology. Due to its high noise level, we do not recommend installing it in the immediate vicinity of a swimming pool, whirlpool or in open areas.

The intensity of the whirlpool effect can be controlled by a valve. The control options are a remote control or a switch, either with a piezoelectric or pneumatic mechanism. To ensure safety, there is a timer function that limits the operating time to 10-15 minutes. After this time has elapsed, the effect must be re-initiated.

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