Overflow pool

The pool with overflow - the perfect combination of luxury and flawless appearance. Thanks to the overflow system, the water flows seamlessly into the overflow trough, creating a feeling of infinity. Regardless of size or shape, an overflow pool is the perfect combination of design and functionality.

Overflow trough pools attract with their design solution, which makes them look luxurious. At the same time, they are fully functional.

For the production of overflow pools we use high-quality polypropylene - a colourfast and frost-resistant material whose main advantages are durability, strength and UV resistance. For the bottom and walls, boards with a thickness of 8 mm or more are used. We weld the pools as a compact all-plastic tank to ensure zero water permeability. We deliver the pool in its entirety directly to the customer. Pools with larger volumes are made on site.

What is an overflow pool or how it works

With overflow pools, the water extends to the top edge. This makes it flush with the surrounding terrain, creating the feeling of an infinity pool. Impurities from the pool are drained away through the overflow gutter, which is located around the perimeter of the pool. Water that overflows is collected in a storage tank, where it is filtered and then pumped back into the pool via jets.

Advantages of overflow pools

The great advantage of an overflow pool is the drainage of dirt around the entire perimeter thanks to the overflow gutter. This has an additional advantage - no waves are generated that could endanger small children or make swimming uncomfortable. A filter pump draws water from the storage tank into thefiltration circuit. The reintroduction of the purified water back into the pool through nozzles located in the lower half of the pool is great for saving water. Compared to skimmer pools, overflow pools don't create greasy streaks from the water level because it extends to the very edge of the pool.

Using an overflow pool

Overflow pools serve well for relaxation as well as for entertainment or sports. They can be installed both outdoors and indoors and are always completely in-ground so that the pool edges follow the surrounding paving.

Sizes of overflow pools offered

  • Length: 2 to 15 metres
  • Width: 2 to 4 metres
  • Depth: 1.2 to 1.5 metres

Overflow pool accessories and pool technology

We offer internal stairs and relaxation benches for overflow pools. You can also find pool roofs or pool tarps here. You can also install downlights or attach a bottom and wall vacuum to your overflow pool.

What's more, pools can be equipped with a water heater and counter-current to allow you to swim in place, serve as a massage nozzle, but can also imitate a wave. Of course, the overflow pools come with not only sand filtration, but also automatic chlorine dosing stations with internet connection and monitoring via mobile app.