For sites with a risk of spillage, we manufacture separators that purify wastewater. You can choose an oil separator or an oil and grease separator.

Separators play an important role in environmental protection. They are used to treat wastewater where there is a risk of leakage of certain liquids. At Morava Ekol we manufacture both oil and grease separators.

Light liquid separators are used to remove oil substances from wastewater. They are usually installed mainly in parking lots, parking areas, car repair shops or car wash bays. In short, in places where there is a risk of leakage of petrol, diesel and petroleum oils.

Oil and grease traps, on the other hand, clean grease-containing waste water. They are thus commonly used in hotels, restaurants or school and factory kitchens.

Both types of separators comply with the standards EN 858 Light liquid separators and EN 1825 Grease traps.