Cooling pool

Are you setting up a spa? You should not forget about cooling pools. We offer stylish cooling pools for a great end to your sauna treatments.

Do you like to go for a cool down? Do you have a sauna at home and are looking for a cooling pool? At Morava Ekol we offer unique and very popular cooling pools as part of your private wellness. Simply jump into the water after a sauna treatment and let yourself cool down nicely. The rapid cooling will constrict the blood vessels and restore stability to the blood circulation.

Production of customized cooling pools

At Morava Ekol we manufacture cooling pools from polypropylene sheets. Similar to whirlpools, we supply cooling pools in circular self-supporting designs that can be placed below and above ground level with safe operation, or square cooling pools for concreting designed exclusively for in-ground installation. In both cases, the installation is on extruded polystyrene placed on a solid base, preferably a reinforced concrete slab. Thanks to this technology, our cooling pools are 100% tight.

As for the construction of the cooling pools themselves, they have the great advantage that they can be integrated into different spaces without the need for support structures. We recommend that cooling pools be completely recessed into the ground for easy access to the water and a sleek appearance.

With the help of a support structure, cooling pools can also be built freely in rooms or in outdoor spaces. You can also line the outside of the pool with a material similar in design to your interior, exterior or wellness area.

We supply cooling pools directly in the size and dimensions according to your requirements and wishes. Like swimming pools and whirlpools, cooling pools also need to be filtered, for example with sand filtration, and disinfected. In addition, cooling pools can be equipped with a thermo-insulating cover, a cooling device, a dosing device or even a heater for permanent outdoor use in winter.

Water exchange, insulation and water treatment of cooling pools

The water exchange in the cooling pool is carried out by means of a skimmer. The side walls can be insulated with 3-5 cm of polystyrene as well as the pipework on the body of the cooling pool with 2 cm of mirelon. Water treatment, in this case cooling of the pool water, is not often addressed. However, for maximum cooling effect we offer a heat pump with cooling function. However, when using a heat pump, it is necessary to observe its positioning for its proper functionality, which should not be in an enclosed space.

Why it is important to cool the body

After a sauna treatment, you should cool your body properly. This is in order to restore the stability of the blood circulation. In addition, the rapid cooling will constrict the capillaries that have expanded in the sauna or other warming room, which helps to expel toxins and other waste substances out of the body. The internal organs are also massaged.

Do not overdo the cooling itself, just stay for a while in water at a temperature of 8-12 °C . When you feel that you are starting to feel comfortable and are sufficiently cooled down, stop the cooling immediately.

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