Oval swimming pool

We manufacture quality and durable plastic pools with pool accessories including installation. Choose from our wide range of products today. You will also find rectangular, circular, kidney-shaped or customized pools to your liking.

Oval pools are a proven classic that you can't go wrong with. These pools are a great solution for any garden thanks to their regular shape, where you can swim comfortably and make the most of the length of the pool.

The advantages of an oval pool

  • longer length for swimming
  • more space for water games
  • better water flow
  • easier to maintain
  • more adaptable to terrain and environment
  • safe for families with children

What and how the pool is made

We use polypropylene to manufacture the pool. This is a high quality, colourfast, frost and UV resistant material that guarantees long life and strength.

We manufacture the pools as a compact all-plastic tank using a hot-air and extrusion welding method using a special technology that ensures 100% tightness without the risk of water leakage.

How the pool is installed

The most suitable form of pool installation is in-ground, i.e. in a pre-prepared trench with a reinforced slab. In this case, the settling is carried out by our skilled workers by manual manipulation with the use of additional equipment.

Most plastic pools with less weight can be transported in their entirety directly to your site. These pools range in size from 2 to 12 m in length and from 2 to 4 m in width. Larger pools are then manufactured on site. We are happy to arrange the transport of the pool or leave it to you.

We use mechanical means to handle the pool, such as a truck with a pull-out arm, a crane or a forklift.

Things to think about when buying a plastic pool

When purchasing a pool, it is important to consider several key factors that will affect your overall experience and comfort when using the pool. In addition to choosing the shape of the pool, there are other aspects to consider:

  • the type of pool - you have the choice of a skimmer pool or an overflow system.
  • access to the pool - pools are supplied with a staircase from our wide range of pool stairs and relaxation benches
  • pool location - your choice of whether you want a fully sunken pool or a partially sunken pool has a major impact on the look and installation of your pool
  • pool edging - pools can be supplied without edging, i.e. with a so-called edge under the tiles, or edged with a flat edge for seating, or reinforced with a collar that can be tiled

All swimming pools can be upgraded with under-counter lighting, water heating and counter-current for massage but also for swimming on the spot, an air blower (whirlpool) and other intelligent devices.

Roofing of the oval pool

Would you like to extend your swimming season or save money on pool heating? Add a quality roof to your oval pool. A covered oval pool becomes the centre of fun, whatever the weather or season. It can also protect the pool from dirt and insects.

Covering the pool will help prevent children and animals from accessing the water, which can prevent many dangerous situations. There is something for everyone in our wide range of roofing types. Individual pool canopies vary in shape, design and construction. For those of you who don't want to invest in a roof, we offer slatted covers or even cover, winter and safety tarps.

Pool care and water disinfection

To ensure the best possible water quality, you will receive water testers and water treatment chemicals from us for seasonal treatment and winterization. Filtration is essential to maintain quality and it is important to do this as often as possible to prevent pool water contamination. You can use a vacuum cleaner, which is available from us, to treat the bottom.