Automatic pool vacuum cleaner

Say goodbye to tedious manual cleaning of the pool and use the automatic vacuum cleaner that takes care of the cleanliness itself. Thanks to this modern device, your pool will always be free of dirt and you can keep the water clear without any effort.

Nowadays, you no longer have to spend hours manually and time-consumingly cleaning your pool. The automatic vacuum cleaner is easy to use and thus becomes an indispensable companion for every pool owner.

The modern and smart device will take care of keeping your pool in perfect condition while you can get on with other activities. It can easily and efficiently remove debris and provide clear water without any effort. Simply lower it into the pool and let its advanced technology explore and clean every nook and corner.

However, if you're keen on control and individual cleaning of your pool, a handheld pool vacuum is a great choice for you, allowing you to target problem areas.

Advantages of an automatic pool vacuum cleaner

  • Easy to use
  • optimum suction power
  • powerful turbine
  • suitable for pools of all shapes and types
  • compact design
  • quiet operation

How the automatic vacuum cleaner works

The automatic vacuum cleaner is equipped with a highly efficient patented turbine that provides sufficient suction for a variety of surface conditions, including plastic, tile and concrete pools, when operating with pumps with a flow rate of over 5m3.

The innovative turbine system uses flexible blades on the suction side of the vacuum cleaner that continuously move regardless of dirt load and surface conditions. This ensures maximum performance in all circumstances. The flaps at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner adapt smoothly to the pool surface, creating a perfect suction channel in the centre of the vacuum cleaner. This makes it easy to remove debris such as leaves, sand or dead algae.

A special mechanical programme guides the vacuum cleaner around the pool several times during the filtration cycle. It has five different mechanically controlled speeds that guarantee flexibility for escape when stuck in a corner, while ensuring full coverage of the pool area. Large wheels allow the vacuum to easily negotiate obstacles, uneven surfaces and inclines.

The vacuum uses the pressure of the water flowing directly from the pool nozzle, allowing it to remove larger debris from the filter bag, which is easily removable and simple to clean. This makes this system ideal for outdoor pools with large amounts of debris.

What the pool bottom cleaner consists of

  • large stable wheels
  • massive gear wheels
  • 7 mm stainless steel axle
  • 11 mm drive shaft

Accessories for the pool bottom cleaner

You can get optional accessories for the automatic vacuum cleaner such as a special 3+1 floating hose, an 11+1 floating hose or a safety valve that regulates the pump suction and switches to the full bypass adapter once the suction opening is fully blocked.

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