Intelligent driving

With the intelligent pool control, you can control the pool technology remotely via a mobile app. This modern technology saves you time and electricity consumption.

Intelligent pool control is a modern way of pool management that can replace conventional pool control panels. This innovative system is fully automated. It can be connected to a mobile phone and conveniently manage the entire pool system via an app. Using sensors and sensors, it can monitor water temperature and pH, chlorine levels, pool filtration and lighting. The sensors provide accurate information about the condition of the pool water, making pool maintenance easier.

Benefits of intelligent pool management

  • Remote pool control via mobile app
  • Scheduling of tasks - for example, at what intervals automatic cleaning will take place
  • Easy pool maintenance thanks to monitoring of all processes
  • Optimisation of energy consumption - the system can regulate the operation of pool pumps and filters and thus reduce the cost of running the pool

Intelligent pool control is a reliable option for controlling pool technology that will save you a lot of time, money and increase your comfort. If you still want to bet on the classics, we also offer pool power distribution units that are used to distribute power to all pool technology such as sand filter, water heating technology or pool lighting.

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