Roofing of swimming pools

Discover a wide range of quality roofing to fit any pool. They provide protection, comfort and allow carefree swimming all year round, whatever the weather.

Pool roofing is a great way to bring a new level of comfort and enjoyment to your pool experience, not just during the summer. With a good quality roof, you get a warm and inviting environment for moments of rest and relaxation. Whether you enjoy a refreshing evening swim or want to unwind after a busy day, a roofed pool will offer you a peaceful and comfortable place to fully enjoy your time by the pool.

Pool roofing offers a range of benefits that will convince you that it is a very practical investment. From providing safety, protection from dirt and the elements to extending your swimming season into the colder months. In this area, we have been working with ALUPO for a long time.

Regardless of the size and shape of your pool, you can choose the roofing that best meets all your requirements and matches your ideas. If roofing is not the ideal choice for you and you are looking for an alternative, you can choose from the different types of sails that we offer.

Advantages of pool roofing

  • possibility to swim in colder months and bad weather
  • protection against dirt
  • prevents unauthorised access to the pool by children or animals
  • reduces the risk of dangerous situations
  • retains the heat of the sun and helps to raise the temperature of the water
  • Saves energy for heating the water

Single-track pool roofing

Single-rail roofing is one of the most popular and affordable options, offering a unique combination of trackless and single-rail sliding. A key feature of this innovative design is the guide rail located on one side, which not only ensures easy handling of the canopy but also optimum comfort for the user.

The great advantage of the one missing rail on the side with the pool steps is that it does not interfere in any way when entering the pool. At the same time, the absence of one rail means that the integrity of the pool surroundings is not compromised. This design flexibility allows the roofing to be integrated elegantly into the environment and maintain the aesthetic appearance of the outdoor space around the pool.

Two-rail pool roofing

Two-track pool roofing delivers a system designed to handle both lower and larger roofing types with excellence, ensuring optimum safety and durability. This innovative design proves particularly useful for heavier roofing options, and with the guidance in two rails, provides robust protection against higher loads, such as snow build-up.

Two-rail roofing is not only about safety and durability, but also about aesthetic design and functionality. The sleek and modern design creates an eye-catching visual element to the outdoor space, while also ensuring the convenient opening and closing of the canopy.

Atypical pool roofing

With atypical pool roofing you get a superior solution. It is especially for those who have specific requirements in terms of appearance, size and shape. The professional team of our partner ALUPO will design and solve the problems of lack of space, allowing you to make full use of your outdoor space.