Swimming pool switchboard

The pool switchboard is used to distribute electricity to pool pumps, sand filters and pool lighting. It offers the possibility of remote control via a mobile app.

The pool switchboard is a key element for the proper functionality of the pool system and the smooth operation of pool technology. The great thing is that it can be fitted with controls specifically for your pool equipment.

It is an electrical box that can be used to easily and centrally control various equipment used with your pool, such as pool pumps, sand filters, pool lights and other pool technology.

Installation of a pool control cabinet

The pool switchboard needs to be placed close to the pool system. It is made of durable materials that resist corrosion and designed to protect electrical equipment from the hazards caused by water and moisture. So you don't have to worry about a wet environment preventing its use.

However, proper installation - correct connection to the mains and compliance with all safety regulations and standards - is key to its trouble-free operation. In addition, regular inspection and maintenance of the equipment is also important.

Key components of the pool switchgear

The switchgear includes various components that enable the correct distribution of electrical energy. These include the main switch, which is used to switch the entire system on and off, fuses that protect electrical equipment from overloading, and short circuits, time switches or thermostats to automate pool equipment.

The switchboards are also equipped with indicators that allow easy and quick diagnosis of various events and situations. they inform, for example, about the status of power supply, faults or the need for maintenance.

There are many different types of pool switchboards with different functions. We also offer switchboards that are equipped with intelligent pool control, i.e. the function of remote control via a mobile app. With remote pool pump controls, you will save a lot of valuable time and effort.