Shapes of steps to the pool

Choose elegant and stylish pool steps for a comfortable entry and an attractive pool look. We manufacture several shapes of pool steps designed for maximum user comfort.

Whether you choose an oval, rectangular, circular or other customized pool, the access to the pool itself is an integral part of the process. We offer a wide range of options so that we can accommodate your ideas and design preferences. At MORAVA - EKOL we think not only about easy access to the water, but also about ergonomics, quality construction and aesthetic details.

When choosing any pool, a plastic staircase or stainless steel ladder will be included. The staircase can be supplemented with a resting bench, which can be fitted with holes for an air blower. This blower will turn the pool into a whirlpool. The resting bench can be placed across the entire shorter side of the pool or also along the longer side. In the case of a staircase without a resting bench, it is possible to adapt the staircase for seating. Take a look at the pool stair shapes we can create.

Our plastic staircases are inserted into the welded watertight pool bath. They are therefore underflooded and the nozzle behind the stairs takes care of disinfecting the water.

Corner stairs

Corner pool stairs are attractive mainly due to the space-saving nature of the pool. The corners would otherwise be unused. If you are getting a smaller pool with limited space, then corner steps are the ideal solution.

Corner stairs diamond

Diamond corner stairs are designed with ergonomics and user comfort in mind. They have flowing shapes and ergonomically shaped steps that ensure a comfortable and natural posture when entering and exiting the pool. This design also provides comfortable seating on the steps without the need to fully submerge.

Corner stairs with a resting bench

A resting bench located on the corner steps provides users with the opportunity to sit comfortably and relax while bathing. It is a great place not only to relax, but also to gradually descend into the pool and better acclimatise. You'll love the bench even more when you're babysitting or chatting with friends from it.

Corner stairs diamond with resting bench

Similar to the corner stairs with relaxation bench, the corner diamond with relaxation bench also creates an opportunity to comfortably meet and chat with friends in the pool while they can pleasantly relax. The diamond shape of the steps also adds a unique look to the pool by bringing an interesting aesthetic element to the pool.

Corner arches with a resting bench

The arch-shaped stairs bring a subtle and relaxing element to the pool design. Their arched shape also adds fluidity and aesthetic appeal to the pool. These stairs can be suitable for families with children or those withlimited mobility.

Bevelled stairs with a resting bench

The sloping steps are designed with user comfort in mind, as their slope ensures a smooth transition from shallower to deeper water. This minimises the effort on the feet and joints, but also minimises the risk of falls and other injuries. The resting bench will then be a place of relaxation or even a social space.

Straight stairs to the pool

Straight stairs have wider and more dimensional treads, providing more space for comfortable standing or sitting. This makes them ideal for users who prefer an easy, straightforward entry into the water, but also for those who want to spend time on the steps, relax and meet others. The straight steps can be easily adapted to different pool depths, allowing for greater flexibility and customization to individual preferences.

Corner arches

With the corner curves you can make the most of the pool space. In addition, they are designed with smooth and wide steps to facilitate a comfortable and stable entry into the pool. Due to their location, corner arches can also be used for meeting and social interaction.

Corner arches with seat cushions

The corner steps of an arched shape with integrated seats allow pool users to sit comfortably and relax. The seats are contoured and ergonomically designed to provide optimum support and comfort. This makes it possible to rest, relax and enjoy the sunshine on the seats. The corner arches with seat cushions add elegance and style to the space.

Corner stairs diamond with resting bench lengthwise

The diamond-shaped stairs with an elongated resting bench bring an aesthetic and visually interesting element to the pool. Their geometry and design contribute to a sophisticated and elegant look that can enrich the overall appearance of the pool. Like other types of steps, they create a space for social interaction and relaxation and provide the ability to comfortably transition from bench seating to the pool steps. This seamless transition increases comfort and makes it easier to enter and exit the pool.