Solar cover for swimming pool

Protect your pool easily and efficiently from dirt with a cover tarp. It will keep the water beautifully clean throughout the season and prevent heat loss. You'll also appreciate the easy handling and durability.

Choosing the right pool cover is crucial to keeping your pool in optimum condition all year round. A solar pool cover is a great solution for anyone who wants carefree, warm water. Your pool will always be ready for swimming, so you can enjoy the pool season to the fullest.

The solar pool covers we offer are made of high-quality and durable material that prevents heat from escaping and provides effective protection for your pool from leaves, insects and other debris. As a result, they not only reduce the time spent on maintenance but also bring financial and environmental benefits in the form of lower water heating costs.

Before buying a pool tarp, measure the dimensions of the pool so that the tarp seamlessly covers the entire pool area and leaves no open spaces at the edges. We also offer other types of tarpaulins, such as safety tarpaulins or winter tarpaulins to cover the pool outside the swimming season.

Advantages of a pool cover

  • protects against dirt
  • saves pool heating costs
  • minimises the time spent on pool maintenance
  • prevents heat leakage
  • Easy to install and operate
  • can be used for above-ground and inground pools

Installation of the pool cover

Before installing the pool cover, make sure it is clean and dry. If you have already used the tarp last season, clean it thoroughly of dirt and wash it with clean water. The tarpaulin is attached to a winch which can then be easily removed to allow use of the pool.

How to properly maintain the cover

Proper maintenance of the pool cover is key to its longevity and continued effectiveness, so regular cleaning with mild detergents or by rinsing with water is essential.

Thorough drying before folding the cover is also an important precaution to avoid mould and unpleasant odours caused by moisture. If you do not use the tarpaulin all year round, we recommend storing it in a dry and clean place. It is also essential to check the cover regularly for any damage, tears or wear. Be careful when handling the cover sheet and avoid sharp objects.