Production and assembly of skimmer pool in Drnovice

At the client's request, we produced a skimmer pool with dimensions of 7 m × 3 m × 1.5 m. This skimmer pool was equipped with a corner staircase with a relaxation bench and a whirlpool for maximum comfort and relaxation. Our company also ensured the transport of the already manufactured pool to the place of realization and the subsequent precise settling of the pool with the help of two cranes.

The construction of the underwater facilities for the pool technology was another key aspect of the implementation. We created a complete filtration system with a pump, filter glass and an ASEKO automatic solonisation station, which provides automatic pH adjustment of the water, algicide dosing and can be connected to the internet. Our technicians also provided the installation of coloured LED lights to create the atmosphere for the desired entertainment. We have also added an automatic vacuum cleaner to ensure cleanliness on the walls and bottom of the pool, automatic water inflation and of course a whirlpool for the ultimate massage. We then connected the pool to all of these technologies.

A heat pump was also installed to keep the water temperature at the desired level. Finally, we provided the client with training and got the whole pool system up and running. Our priority during the implementation was client satisfaction and job safety.