Swimming pool with skimmer Rájec-Jestřebí

Part of the project in Rájec-Jestřebí, which our company implemented, was the production of a pool with a customized skimmer. The 6 m × 3 m × 1.5 m pool was equipped with a counter-current shaft for swimming and a corner staircase. The transport of the pool to its future location was trouble-free. During the settling process, we ensured that the exact positioning matched our client's requirements.

Another key aspect of the project was connecting the skimmer pool to the pool technology, for which we created a backdrop on an L-panel in the pool house above the surface. Here we placed a complete filtration system using a pool pump and filter glass. We also installed an intelligent pool control with a solonisation unit to ensure automatic adjustment of the water pH and algaecide dosage. Thanks to this device, the client has the possibility to remotely control the pool via the internet. Among the other pool accessories on offer, the client used an automatic vacuum cleaner to thoroughly clean the bottom and walls of the skimmer pool.

To ensure comfortable swimming for up to 7 months, we installed a heat pump to keep the water at the desired temperature. At the end of the project, we commissioned the entire system and provided the client with the necessary training to enable them to fully utilise all the features of their new pool. Every step of the implementation of this project was carried out with the utmost precision and attention to the client's wishes.