Safety tarpaulin for swimming pool

Pool safety tarpaulin for reliable protection and to create a safe environment. Thanks to its solid construction and quality material, it minimizes the risk of accidents and unintentional falls into the pool, especially for small children and pets.

The pool safety tarp is a practical and effective solution for ensuring a safe environment around the pool. It is specially designed to prevent unwanted accidents and minimise the risk of drowning.

The tarpaulin is made of durable and high quality material that can easily withstand the stress and adverse weather conditions. Thanks to its sturdy construction, it is quickly and easily fixed to the pool surface, providing a safe barrier not only for children but also for pets. As well as protecting against hazards, it also prevents dirt from entering the pool, making maintenance easier.

You can choose from different types of sails according to your preference. In addition to the safety tarpaulin, we also offer a cover tarpaulin or a tarpaulin for the winter months.

Advantages of the pool safety tarpaulin

  • accident prevention
  • protection against dirt
  • easy handling
  • prevents unwanted objects and persons (max. weight 80 kg) from entering the pool
  • long service life
  • can be used for above-ground and inground pools
  • does not interfere with the appearance of the garden
  • suitable for winter

Installation of a year-round safety tarpaulin on the pool

When installing the safety tarpaulin on the pool, please take care and attention. First, lay out the tarp next to your pool and make sure it is flat and the right size for your pool. The safety tarp is fastened with tie-downs, which are used to secure the tarp to the surrounding pool ground.

Once installation is complete, you can perform safety tests to make sure the tarp is working properly and providing the desired protection. Simply place a heavier object on top of the tarp to verify that the tarp is holding in place.

How to properly maintain a pool tarp

Proper maintenance of the pool safety tarp is crucial for its optimal functionality and long life. It is important to clean the tarp regularly with mild detergents or water. Avoid using strong cleaners and sharp tools to avoid damaging the surface. During the winter months, store the tarp in a dry and clean place to prevent the formation of mould and unwanted stains.

Don't underestimate the importance of regularly inspecting the tarp to detect any cracks, tears or other damage. This allows you to react in time and make the necessary repairs to ensure the safety and long-term functionality of the tarp.

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