Drinking water tanks and reservoirs

Don't have access to a public water supply? We offer you drinking water tanks made of high-quality, food-safe material.

Don't have direct access to a public water supply? We have a solution for you. We offer plastic drinking water tanks that are made of food-safe material and are therefore completely health-safe.

Maintenance of plastic drinking water tanks

As these are drinking water tanks, proper and regular maintenance, inspection and cleaning is essential to ensure the safety and purity of the water. It is also important to have the water tested regularly to ensure that its quality meets health standards.

Accessories for plastic tanks

All our tanks and sumps are very variable. They can be sunk into the ground to serve as underground tanks, but they can also be used as above-ground drinking water tanks. Tanks can be supplemented with various baffles, bore walls, overflows and inlets and outlets. They can also be fitted with a lid, a cover, a gauge, footings or steel reinforcements. This makes them truly versatile, for example as rainwater or wastewater tanks.

Customised plastic tanks

We offer tanks in many shapes, sizes and can be complemented with various built-in features. Following a consultation, we can manufacture a bespoke drinking water tank for you and the actual manufacture can be carried out on site.

Advantages of plastic drinking water tanks

  • Food safety of the material (they comply with the regulations of the Food and Drug Administration)
  • high quality material
  • zero permeability of contents
  • low weight
  • easy and quick installation
  • high durability

Do you need a sewage sump or a sewage treatment plant for your cottage or other building in addition to a drinking water tank? Take a look at our range of wastewater treatment plants.

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