WWTP for cottage and cottage

Our wastewater treatment plants for cottages and cottages are used to convert wastewater into perfectly clean water. They are specially designed for the conditions of holiday homes and ensure safety and comfort. Choose the ideal wastewater treatment plant for your holiday oasis.

Do you regularly go to the cottage or cottage to relax? Get a packaged, all-plastic home sewage treatment plant for holiday homes. WWTPs are used for mechanical-biological wastewater treatment in places where, due to their location or other reasons, small pollution sources cannot be connected to a central WWTP.

At Morava Ekol we produce domestic sewage treatment plants BIO-S adapted to the needs of the number of persons accommodated. We offer a purifier for 1-3 persons, 3-6 persons or 6-10 persons. Other important factors that play a role in choosing a wastewater treatment plant include the location, the operator and the requirements of the water authorities.