Custom-made sumps and tanks

Design your plastic tank or sump exactly to your requirements. With flexibility in sizes, shapes and capacities, we can supply you with a tank of any volume. The material used and the welding technology ensure that the tanks are versatile.

Are you looking for custom-made sumps and tanks? We will help you to realise the plastic sump or tank that is most suitable for you. Our services also include consultation, which can be carried out on site.

We offer plastic tanks and sumps for rainwater, drinking water and wastewater, which we can manufacture according to your specific requirements. We are also able to manufacture free-standing tanks with steel frames, not only for water but also for various types of chemicals. At the same time, the tank can be manufactured to comply with food hygiene regulations. There are also square, oval or filter waste tanks.

All tanks and sumps manufactured by us can be used as underground or above ground tanks. We are able to manufacture above ground tanks including the steel frame. Tanks can be manufactured to suit food contact or for the storage of various chemicals. Plastic tanks can be manufactured in atypical dimensions on request. It is also possible to adjust the dimensions of the inlet and outlet pipes. The tanks can be fitted with, for example, baffles, inlet and outlet spouts or steel reinforcements, etc. according to your requirements.

If you have specific requirements regarding size, shape, capacity or material, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to adapt and customize the product to the exact purpose it will serve.