Rainwater tanks and sumps

If you want to capture rainwater and save water from the system, we offer high-quality plastic water tanks. They can serve as a water storage for watering your garden, but also for flushing the toilet or rinsing the car.

Do you want to catch rainwater from the gutters in tanks to save money and avoid having to irrigate your garden with drinking water from the system, especially in the summer when there are big droughts? Or would you like to use it all year round as utility water, for example for flushing the toilet? We offer rainwater tanks that are available in many different sizes and can be adapted to your needs with various built-in features.

All our plastic tanks can be used as underground rainwater tanks. The recessed design allows you to use the water all year round, for example for car washing, flushing and wherever rainwater can replace drinking water. If you only need rainwater for watering your garden during the summer months, placing the tank above ground is sufficient.

Rainwater tanks can also be connected to a soakaway, which allows water to soak directly into the ground. As excess rainwater is usually not allowed to be discharged into the sewer, this is an ideal solution.

Accessories for plastic tanks

All our tanks and sumps provide versatile use and are highly variable. They are supplied without internal fittings, but can be fitted with many components to suit your exact requirements. We offer a variety of baffles, bore walls, overflows and inlets and outlets. The sumps and tanks can also be fitted with a lid, cover, status sign, footings or steel reinforcements. In this way they can serve not only as rainwater tanks. They can also be used for waste water or as drinking water tanks.

Custom-made plastic water tanks

We manufacture tanks and sumps in many shapes and sizes and with various built-in features. You can therefore contact us and we will manufacture a bespoke rainwater tank for you on the basis of a consultation. We can carry out the actual production on site.

Advantages of plastic rainwater tanks

  • quality material
  • zero permeability of contents
  • low weight
  • easy and quick installation
  • high durability

If you are looking for waste sumps and tanks or plastic manholes, take a look at our range. We also offer a wide range of domestic sewage treatment plants for your family home or cottage.

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