Tanks and sumps for waste water

Don't have access to public sewerage and are struggling with what to do with your wastewater? We offer you high-quality plastic wastewater tanks in many sizes and with different internal fittings for you to choose. We can also produce custom-made tanks to your exact requirements.

If your property doesn't have access to public sewerage, a septic tank or sump can be a solution for storing wastewater from sources such as toilets, kitchen sinks, showers and washing machines. These tanks and sumps capture and collect water, which can then go to your domestic sewage treatment plant, or you can have the sumps exported.

We offer plastic wastewater tanks and sumps that are made from quality materials that ensure versatility and zero leakage. All tanks are manufactured by welding plates, strips and structural components.

Plastic tank accessories

All our tanks and sumps are highly variable. They can be sunk into the ground to serve as underground wastewater tanks, but they can also be used as above ground tanks. They are supplied without internal fittings, but can be fitted with baffles, bore walls, overflows and inlets and outlets according to your requirements. The tanks can also be fitted with a lid, hatch, status mark, footings or steel reinforcements. This makes them truly versatile.

Custom-made plastic tanks

You can choose from sumps and tanks of various shapes and sizes. If you still don't choose from the sizes on offer, we can make you a bespoke wastewater tank. In the case of oversized or non-standard tank dimensions, it is possible to manufacture the tank on site.

Advantages of plastic wastewater tanks

  • perfect sealing, zero permeability of contents
  • chemical resistance to aggressive substances up to a temperature of 95 °C
  • low weight
  • low requirements for construction readiness
  • easy and quick installation
  • high durability

In addition to sumps and wastewater tanks, we also offer rainwater tanks and drinking water tanks. We also offer domestic wastewater treatment plants.