Oval waste sumps and tanks

Oval septic tanks and tanks in 4 dimensions with a capacity of 5-12 persons. If necessary, the production of sumps in atypical dimensions can be arranged. We rely on quality and durability.

Aplastic tank (sump or septic tank) in an oval shape is a three-chamber tank designed to hold wastewater. You can choose from four different designs that are perfect for households with a capacity of 5, 8, 10 or 12 people. The tanks are manufactured by welding propylene plates and so-called wall elements and you will receive a leak test report. The tanks are designed to be mounted on a concrete base slab and must be concreted.

Diagram of the oval waste sump

Why choose plastic sumps and tanks

Our wastewater sumps and tanks are made from durable plastic that can withstand the effects of moisture and the aggressive environment of wastewater. Compared to concrete sumps, plastic septic tanks are not as heavy and do not require heavy machinery to install them. They therefore have lower acquisition costs and are easy to handle. In addition, they are suitable for locations without access to construction machinery. You can choose from oval as well as square and round septic tanks and tanks.

Technical data of the oval sumps and tanks offered

Usable volume [m3] Number of EO Length L [mm] Width H [mm] Height H [mm] Inlet height Vv [mm] Outlet height Vo [mm] Weight [kg]
2,80 5 2 000 1 000 2 000 1 800 1 700 120
4,40 8 3 000 1 000 2 000 1 800 1 700 160
5,80 10 3 500 1 200 2 000 1 800 1 700 190
7,80 12 1 200 2 000 1 800 1 800 240 240

Number of EO = number of equivalent persons. I.e. For how many people a septic tank of a given capacity is optimal.

The septic tanks can be ordered with plastic lids made of UV-resistant material. The inlet and outlet pipes can be adapted to the dimensions required. If necessary, the manufacture of sumps in atypical dimensions can be arranged. Take a look also at our overflow sum ps or filter sumps.

Where oval waste sumps and tanks are used

Oval septic tanks are used in homes and other properties that do not have the option of a central sewage disposal system. Thus, they are an ideal choice for cottages and cottages. However, remember to act in accordance with current legislation and in a manner approved by the relevant authority for the locality.

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