Waste sump with filter

We offer innovative solutions for clean wastewater. The wastewater sump with integrated filter removes impurities and protects the environment in your recreational facilities.

Are you wondering what to do with the wastewater in your cottages and cabins? Don't want to pay high amounts for balancing? But you don't know whether to get a home sewage treatment plant for your cottages and cabins, because you really only go there once in a while? We have a solution for you, namely a sewage pit with a filter.

Description and functions of the filter sump

We manufacture the waste sump (septic tank) with filter by welding polypropylene plates and wall elements in square, oval or round design. The septic tank with filter is designed to be mounted on a concrete base slab and you can choose a self-supporting version or a concrete-lined version.

Concreting the filter sump ensures a long service life and prevents possible deformation due to the pressure of the surrounding soil. This is the pressure to which a self-supporting filter sump is subject and can cause damage to the sump itself.

Where to use the filter sump

Filter cesspools are a great solution for intermittent operation and are usually used for holiday properties such as cottages and guest houses, or buildings with irregular wastewater inflows where there is no regular high load. However, remember to act in accordance with current legislation and in a manner approved by the relevant authority for the locality.