Sewer shaft

Discover the key role of manholes in wastewater management. Find out how they work, how they are installed and why their maintenance is important for environmental protection and essential for the efficient operation of the sewer system.

The sewer manhole is a key element in the infrastructure of towns and villages and plays an indispensable role in the overall wastewater management system. Its function is the efficient and hygienic removal of wastewater from buildings and public areas, thus contributing to environmental protection.

It serves to connect, collect and convey wastewater to the sewerage system, which it then transports to the wastewater treatment plant. Here they are treated and then discharged into the environment or reclaimed for further use.

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Functions of a sewer manhole

  • collects and transfers wastewater
  • protects the sewer system from blockages
  • serves as odour control
  • provides access to the sewer system for maintenance and repairs
  • allows monitoring of wastewater flow
  • minimises the discharge of untreated wastewater into the environment
  • contributes to maintaining hygienic conditions in living and working areas

How to install a sewer manhole

Before installing a sewer manhole, it is important to plan a suitable location below the ground surface. An excavation of adequate dimensions with a concrete base must be made at the designated location where the manhole should be firmly placed.

The next step is to connect the manhole to the corresponding pipes of the sewerage system. This involves connecting the inlets and outlets that will feed and discharge wastewater into and out of the manhole. The manhole then needs to be properly secured so that it is firmly connected to the surrounding ground. The area around the sewer manhole is therefore backfilled with suitable material, which may include sand, gravel or other stable material.

How to properly maintain a sewer manhole

Proper maintenance of the sewer manhole is key to ensuring the optimal functioning of the entire sewer system and protecting the environment. Regular visual inspection and cleaning of debris and sediment is an essential step to prevent potential problems.

It is important to check the condition of the lid and locks to ensure that the sewer manhole remains closed and secure at all times. Checking drains and outlets to ensure they are free and functional is also an integral part of maintenance.