Revision shaft

The inspection shaft is a key piece of infrastructure enabling easy access and maintenance of underground networks. Its proper functioning ensures the safety, sustainability and reliability of the infrastructure.

The inspection shaft allows inspection and maintenance of the sewer network, even at places such as pipe intersections or places with frequent changes in pipe direction. It is a key element in the construction and infrastructure sector, helping sewerage and water supply systems to function properly, thus contributing to the preservation of environmental quality and public hygiene.

In addition, the inspection manhole provides safe and easy access, allowing technicians to quickly diagnose and respond to potential problems. It is also essential from a safety point of view. Our wide range of products includes other types of plastic manholes. In particular, you can choose from water meter manholes or sewer manholes.

What plastic inspection manholes are used for

  • allows easy and safe access to underground infrastructure networks
  • facilitates maintenance and cleaning of pipes
  • reduces repair time and costs
  • protects against unauthorised access to underground networks
  • reduces the risk of accidents, pollution and the risk of fires or explosions
  • extends the life of infrastructure

How to install a manhole

Before installing a manhole, a suitable type must be selected and its location planned throughout the infrastructure project. The inspection manhole is placed between the house sewer and the municipal sewer in a pre-prepared pit with a firm and level base.

It is also necessary to connect the infrastructure to the inspection shaft. Once completed, the manhole is closed with a cover that serves as protection and allows easy access for inspection and maintenance. The manhole cover is usually fitted with a handle or lock to prevent unauthorised access.

After successful completion of the installation, backfilling of the pit and landscaping around the inspection shaft shall be carried out. It is important that the installation of the inspection manhole is carried out professionally and in accordance with local building codes and standards. This is the only way to ensure the correct functioning and reliability of the inspection system.

How to maintain the inspection shaft

Proper maintenance of the inspection shaft is crucial to ensure the functionality and longevity of the infrastructure. Therefore, regular inspection is important to ensure that any signs of damage or contamination are detected early.

Keep the inspection shaft clear of dirt and sediment. Remove any foreign objects that could obstruct access or cause blockages to the infrastructure. Periodically check the tightness of the connections and the inside of the inspection manhole and always ensure that the inspection manhole cover is in good condition and properly secured.

If you find any problems or damage, act immediately and do not delay repairs. Responding quickly to problems will minimize the risk of larger and more costly complications.