Plastic shafts

High-quality plastic manholes as a long-term and reliable solution for modern infrastructure. It guarantees strength, tightness and easy maintenance for optimal functioning. They are characterized by low weight and environmental resistance.

Plastic manholes are a practical solution with a wide range of applications in construction and infrastructure. They are made of high quality and strong plastic that is resistant to water, corrosion and chemicals and contributes to the protection of water and sewage systems. Thanks to their impermeability, the plastic manholes in our range provide reliable protection and help maintain high levels of hygiene and environmental protection.

The most commonly used types include water meter, inspection and sewer manholes. Their light weight makes them easy to handle and installation is quick and cost effective. They also offer long life and easy maintenance, leading to lower repair and replacement costs. Given these features, plastic manholes are an increasingly common and preferred solution for modern infrastructure in both urban and rural areas.