Water meter shaft

The water meter shaft is a key component of modern water supply. Its function is to measure water consumption and protect the water meter from external influences. Thorough maintenance of the manhole ensures reliable metering and optimal use of water resources.

The water meter shaft is an indispensable element of the water supply infrastructure that plays a key role in measuring and protecting water resources. It is a structure or tank that serves to protect and house a water meter for accurate measurement of water consumption.

With this device, it is possible to monitor water consumption at various points in the water supply network and detect potential leaks or leakages. This minimises water losses that could negatively affect the environment and the water companies' budgets. In addition, a modern water meter shaft is equipped with technologies for data collection and automated information transfer.

You can also find other types of plastic manholes in our range, such as inspection manholes or sewer manholes.

Functions of a water meter manhole

  • measuring water consumption - the main function of a water meter shaft is to provide a space for a water meter to be placed, which accurately monitors the amount of water that passes through the site
  • protection of the water metering device - the water meter shaft provides physical protection of the water meter from mechanical damage and external influences such as weather conditions or vandalism
  • Easy access and maintenance - the water meter shaft makes the meter easily accessible for reading and maintenance, allowing technicians to carry out regular inspections and repairs to the equipment without the need to disturb or damage the supply pipe
  • monitoring and management of water consumption - the manhole allows continuous monitoring of water consumption at a specific customer, improving water resource management, allowing identification of potential leaks or irregularities and taking action to reduce water consumption

How a water meter shaft works

A water meter shaft works on the simple principle that water supplied from the mains flows into the shaft. As soon as a customer opens the tap, water flows through the manhole towards the house or building. At that moment, the water consumption is measured. A water meter located inside the manhole has a measuring mechanism that reacts to the flow of water and calculates its volume.

How to install a water meter shaft

The water meter shaft is installed in a pre-prepared trench with a concrete slab, taking into account the 1.2 m width and 1.5 m height of the water meter shaft. The dimensions of the water meter shaft can be adjusted depending on the requirements of the respective water and sewerage system. Its service opening of 600 mm x 600 mm or 600 mm diameter allows easy access for maintenance and inspection. With a height of 500 mm, it provides sufficient space to accommodate two grommets 1, a meter stand and footings.

Once the manhole is placed in the excavation, the container is carefully filled with soil from the excavation and slightly compacted. Before backfilling the manhole, ensure watertightness by connecting it to the water pipe through pre-prepared sealing penetrations.

How to maintain the water meter shaft

To ensure proper and reliable operation, regular maintenance of the water meter manhole is essential to help prevent potential problems, minimize the risk of failures and extend its life.

First and foremost, we recommend visually inspecting the water meter shaft regularly to detect potential problems such as cracks, leaks or signs of corrosion damage. It is also important to clean it of sediment, dirt and dead leaves that could affect proper functioning. Ensure that water flows freely in the manhole and is not blocked in any way. Always ensure that the manhole cover is properly closed and sealed. This will prevent the ingress of dirt and moisture.

If you live in an area with freezing winters, it is important to ensure that the water meter manhole and water meter are protected from freezing temperatures. Also consider insulating the manhole or using special protective covers to minimise the risk of freezing.

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