Heat pump for swimming pool

The pool heat pump transfers heat from the surroundings to the pool. This extends the bathing season by several months. Its big advantage is the energy saving and high payback.

If you like to swim but the summer season is too short for you, we have a great solution for you. A pool heat pump is a modern and efficient device that is used to heat the water in your pool. Its main task is to transfer heat from the surrounding environment to the pool, allowing you to maintain a comfortable water temperature and extend the swimming season.

How a pool heat pump works

The principle of operation of a pool heat pump is based on the use of heat energy contained in the air, water or ground. The pump uses a compressor to extract heat from the surrounding environment and then transfer it to the pool water. It works on a similar principle to a refrigerator or air conditioner, only in reverse.

Choosing a heat pump for your pool

When selecting a heat pump for a swimming pool, it is important to consider the size of the pool and the desired water temperature. There is a wide range of heat pumps of different types and with different capacities.

Where to place the heat pump for water heating?

The heat pump can be placed in an open area or in an already prepared niche. In this case, certain minimum distances from the walls must be observed - 800-1 000 mm on the air intake side, 2 000-2 500 mm on the air exhaust side and 700 mm on the sides. The pump must not be placed in an enclosed room.

Advantages of the pool heat pump

  • high energy savings compared to other water heating technologies
  • low purchase price and no incidental costs
  • high payback
  • use of renewable resources
  • quick and easy installation
  • automatic operation
  • high heating factor that extends the bathing season up to 7 months

Do you want a heated pool and already have a domestic heat pump, gas boiler or solar collectors? In this case, a pool heat exchanger that you can connect to your water heating system will suffice.

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