Round waste sumps and tanks

Hold sewage reliably and efficiently thanks to the round plastic sump. Choose from different options for households from 5 to 12 inhabitants. If the offered dimensions do not suit you, we can also produce a sump in atypical dimensions.

A round plastic septic tank is a three-chamber tank used to hold sewage water. We havefour size variants of this tank which are ideal for households with a population of 5, 8, 10 or 12. It is designed to be mounted on a concrete base slab and concreted, which will ensure the longevity of the tank and prevent unpleasant deformation due to the pressure of the surrounding soil. We manufacture sumps and tanks by welding propylene plates and wall elements, ensuring high durability and reliability of the structure.

Schematic of a round waste sump

Advantages of plastic sewage sumps and tanks

  • Low acquisition costs
  • easy installation without the need for heavy machinery for settling
  • Plastic material provides long life
  • easy handling
  • ideal for inaccessible locations

Technical data of round waste sumps and tanks

Usable volume [m3] Number of EO Diameter D [mm] Height H [mm] Inlet height Vv [mm] Outlet height Vo [mm] Weight [kg]
2,80 5 1 500 2 080 1 800 1 700 90
4,20 8 1 800 2 080 1 800 1 700 120
5,20 10 2 000 2 080 1 800 1 700 180
7,50 12 2 400 2 080 1 800 1 700 230

Number of EO = number of equivalent persons. I.e. For how many people a septic tank of a given capacity is optimal.

We will provide you with a leak test report for your septic tanks and tanks. You can order a plastic cover for your septic tanks, which is made of UV-resistant material. We can adjust the inlet and outlet pipes to the dimensions according to your requirements. In addition to conventional septic tanks, we also offer seepage and pumping septic tanks.

Where round septic tanks and tanks are used

Round sewage sumps are used in homes and other properties that do not have the option of a central sewage disposal system. Thus, they are an ideal choice for cottages and cottages. However, remember to act in accordance with current legislation and in a manner approved by the relevant authority for the locality.