Pumping sewage sump

Solve your sewage problems with our quality pumped sewage sump. For more information, please send a non-binding inquiry.

Are you looking for a suitable sewage drainage method? Is it a place where gravity drainage cannot be used? We have a great solution for you in the form of a pumped sewage sump. A pumped septic tank or septic tank will solve the problem of sewage drainage in difficult locations. We will provide you with a reliable and efficient sewage outflow to the sewer or sewage treatment plant.

Description and functions of the pumped septic tank

We manufacture the overflow septic tank by welding polypropylene plates and wall elements in square, oval or circular design. We offer a pumped sewage sump designed to be concreted or self-supporting. Both types of overflow sump are designed to be placed on a concrete slab foundation. We recommend the concrete-lined version of the overflow sump as it will ensure the longevity of the sump and prevent deformation due to the pressure of the surrounding soil.

The pumped sewage sump is equipped with a pump inside, which ensures that the sewage is pumped in an efficient and reliable way to the sewage network or sewage treatment plant. We can adapt the inlet and outlet pipes for connection to the dimensions according to your requirements.

Where the pumping sewage sump is used

The pumped sewage sump is an important element of the sewage system. Its use is necessary in places where gravity drainage is not possible. Our pumping septic tanks can be used in cellars, garages or underground car parks. Remember, however, to act in accordance with current legislation, in a manner approved by the relevant authority for the location.

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