WWTP for family houses

Clean and environmentally friendly water in the family home is easy to obtain with our top-quality wastewater treatment plants. Thanks to innovative technologies and in-house know-how, we provide an effective wastewater treatment solution that ensures water quality and environmental protection.

Domestic sewage treatment plants for family houses are biological sewage treatment plants with a rotating biocontactor, which are packaged and all-plastic. The equipment is designed for the treatment of sewage from buildings that cannot be connected to the existing sewerage system, for example because of their location or because the system is not built.

We produce 2 variants of domestic sewage treatment plants according to the capacity of persons accommodated in a given house. You can either choose a sewage treatment plant for family houses for 2-4 persons or for 5-7 persons. Keep in mind that the choice of home sewage treatment plant also depends on the location, the operator and the requirements of the water authorities.