DČB 4K (EKOL 0,4): domestic wastewater treatment plant for 2-4 persons

Sewage treatment plants specially designed for 2-4 persons. Our technology offers an efficient and reliable solution for clean water, effective removal of contaminants and ultimately support environmental protection.

The domestic wastewater purifier for family houses specially designed for 2-4 persons ensures carefree wastewater treatment helping to protect the environment.

The DČB 4K (EKOL 0.4) is used for the treatment of sewage from buildings that cannot be connected to the existing sewage system due to their location or for other reasons. In addition, also in the case that this system is not built.

Description and function of the wastewater treatment plant DČB 4K (EKOL 0,4)

The WWTP 4K consists of a tank made of IPP. All parts of the tank except the biorotor shaft, bearings and drive are made of integral polypropylene. The tank is enclosed by a UV-resistant polypropylene cover. The cover is not permeable.

In the plastic tank, the partitions or bore walls create sub-functional spaces for:

  • separation of light and floating substances
  • settling of suspended matter
  • digestion (anaerobic sludge stabilisation)
  • separation of sludge flakes from the treated water

How the DČB 4K domestic wastewater treatment plant works

The technology of wastewater treatment is based on an aerobic process in which organic substances are removed by the activity of microorganisms (synthesis and multiplication of aerobic bacteria) in the presence of air oxygen. The benefits of aerobic wastewater treatment include low acquisition costs, easy operation and stability of operation.

The microbial colonisation, which increases on the rugged surface of the biocontactor, results in a gradual reduction of the organic content and a reduction of the nitrogen content. When the machinery is taken out of operation, the treatment process is carried out as in a septic tank and there is no need for a drain.

The treated water flows into the plant from the sewer through the inlet to the settling tank, where both light and floating substances are separated and the coarse substances and impurities that are collected in the settling tank are removed. Next, the water flows into the biozone with the biocontactor. The purified water flows into the settling tank and from there to the outlet.

Where the DČB 4K domestic purifier is used

The DČB 4K is used for the treatment of wastewater from housing facilities, residential sites, farms, recreational facilities with 2-4 equivalent inhabitants (for 1 EO, a BOD5 value of 60 g/day and a wastewater volume of 150 l/day are considered). The initial basis for the design and location of WWTP 4K are the requirements of investors, planning authorities and water management authorities. The same is the case for domestic sewage treatment plants for 5-7 persons.

Technical data of the domestic wastewater treatment plant DČB 4K (EKOL 0,4)

The inlet for connection to the sewerage system is made with a polypropylene pipe with a diameter of 160/150 mm, the outlet with a polypropylene pipe with a diameter of 110/90, or according to the customer's requirement.

For the proper functioning of the WWTP, it is necessary to design the WWTP with respect to the maximum flow and total daily load as well as with respect to the BOD5 concentration limit of 400 mg/l. For higher concentrations, the design of the WWTP should be discussed with the manufacturer. The WWTP achieves a BOD5 effluent value of up to 25 mg/l at maximum hydraulic and metabolic load.

Parameter DCB 4K
Basic dimensions [mm] 1 500 x 1 600
Weight [kg] 250
Biorotor drive by electric motor 120W/400V
Qd [m3/d] 0,6m3
Height of inflow 1 010 mm
Outlet height 900 mm