WWTP for apartment buildings, restaurants, hotels and small businesses

We supply sewage treatment plants suitable for places without a connection to the sewage system. Achieve a high level of water purity in apartment buildings, hotels, restaurants and other establishments with our environmentally friendly technologies.

Are you looking for a suitable wastewater treatment solution for larger buildings such as apartment buildings or hotels? With our wastewater treatment plants you will achieve an efficient and reliable solution that contributes to environmental protection. Choose our patented purifiers to ensure stable and reliable operation with minimal energy and time spent on operation.

We offer mechanical-biological wastewater treatment plants of the EKOL series designed for apartment buildings, hotels, restaurants and other small establishments. Each model is designed for specific hydraulic loads to meet the needs of different facilities. You can choose from EKOL 1, EKOL 2.5, EKOL 4, EKOL 6, EKOL 9, EKOL 12 and EKOL 15. These wastewater treatment plants are particularly suitable for locations where the wastewater cannot be connected to an existing sewage system or where no such system has been built.

Each sewage treatment plant is sized for a certain number of equivalent inhabitants, with a hydraulic load corresponding to 1 to 100 equivalent inhabitants (from 8 to 100 kg BOD5/day), a metabolic load of 400 mg BOD5 per litre of wastewater and a flow rate of 150 litres per person per day. In this way, we are able to cover a wide range of needs and provide reliable wastewater treatment for different capacities and types of facilities.